In March, I open-sourced runj, an experimental OCI-compatible runtime for FreeBSD jails. I started runj in order to teach myself more about FreeBSD in general and jails in particular, and the initial contribution policy I set was designed to give me the space to learn at my own pace. However, as I wrote in that first blog post, the amount of attention runj received on its first day really surprised me. The attention since then has continued, and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with members of the FreeBSD community who have shared my excitement about connecting FreeBSD with the broader container ecosystem. Everyone I’ve spoken with has been incredibly kind and respectful of the space I requested, which did give me the opportunity to learn on my own. I really appreciate their kindness, and now that I’ve achieved the first part of my learning goal I’m ready to move forward and work together rather than working alone.

In light of the above, I’m happy to announce that runj has a new contribution policy! You can find the new contribution policy in the file of the runj source repository. As runj is still primarily a mechanism for me to learn, the new policy continues to take a measured approach to contribution, but now welcomes code contributions as long as they’re accompanied by discussion.

If you’re interested in bringing FreeBSD and the container ecosystem closer together, please join me in exploring and working on runj!