This past September, I joined the containerd project as a security advisor. In March, I increased my involvement as a reviewer. And this week, I joined the Moby project as a maintainer.

My colleague Kazuyoshi Kato wrote about joining containerd on his blog and I’ve been wanting to do that too.

I’m really excited to be more formally involved with both containerd and Moby. Both projects have a long history and central role in the container ecosystem today. The Moby project shares its history with Docker, which really started the whole modern container movement. Moby is the non-commercial, community-developed, and community-supported core of what we know of as Docker. containerd shares its history with Docker too, as the project started by splitting out the components of Docker that handled container lifecycle management, but it has now grown into a full container management daemon in its own right complete with image management, a copy-on-write snapshotter/layer system, and an extensible plugin-based architecture that allows integration with higher-level APIs like the Kubernetes CRI.

Although the roles have different names, my responsibilities with both projects are similar: to help build a high-quality codebase that is broadly useful and to maintain a strong focus on security.